W create:

How we work

  • First of all, we would like to meet you, learn about your business, passion and/or events that deserve a professional recording. Let us meet in order to discuss what you would like to achieve and who your target audience are.
  • Once we have an outline of the action plan, it is time for a pre-production process. That is a magical term for brainstorming, bringing up bright ideas, visions and the best possible tailored especially for you. At this stage the detailed script and logistics are thought of.
  • Once the above stage is completed, we consider the most appropriate movie set.
  • Finally, time for the post-production comes. At this stage, we perform editing, sound editing, coloring. At this point it is imperative that we precisely work out the smallest details on order to make your vision more colorful, emotional, which in turn will inevitably boost your business through the customer engagement.